How to apply

About your application documents

We expect your application documents as "PDF" files. The size of the documents should not exceed 6 mega bytes in sum. Split your documents into 3 categories:

  • Covering letter

  • Personal data sheet

  • References

How to create "PDF" documents

What do want to apply for:




So called "PDF creators" (applications to generate "PDF" files) help you to transform documents into PDF file format. Different kinds of document formats (such as WORD, EXCEL, JPG, TIFF and more..) can be changed into one file of PDF format.

There are many "free of charge" applications to create "PDF files" such as PDFcreator * (pdfforge) or FreePDF * (needs pre installed Ghostscript *) you can use. On Wikipedia * you will find a large table of different PDF generators.

After installing the software you can use the printing application in your standard programs to create "PDF files".

By the way, if you use MS Office starting from version 2010, you can save your original file as "PDF file" by using the saving function. Just use the "save as" item.

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