Core manufactoring

Dimensional accuracy with minimized wall thickness

We produce more than 150,000 sand cores in the ColdBox process. Interlinked processes lead directly to case core packages production.

The dimensional accuracy and tight weight tolerance of our castings is supported by automated handling and robot systems. The production boundaries are well controlled and repeatable. All cores from a single core as well as pre-mounted core packages are produced with highest accuracy and lowest possible wall thicknesses.


Innovation in sand
With an outstanding output of 5,000 moulds / day as a twin or four-up casting we achieve a daily production performance of 20,000 cylinder crank cases on one of the most powerful interlinked moulding machines world wide.

Available moulding machines
- Dimensions FAB3: 1300 x 900 x 300 / 300 [mm]
- Dimensions FAB4: 1300 x 1000 x 350+50 / 400 [mm]

High operational availability and highest dimensional accuracy are assured by interlinked processes and automated tool- and pattern transport to the moulding machine.


Leading material technology
The production, adjustment and control of the required material and product properties are strongly defined by the approach of the charging, melting and alloying processes.

Our established melting equipment:
- One of the largest Cupola furnaces in Europe with a maximum capacity of 90 t liquid iron / h dedicated to CI-materials
- 2 x 8.5 t medium frequency induction furnaces dedicated for CGI, alloyed CI and steel

Spotting & Premachining

Automated machining and flexibility
After the shake out and cooling process, our fettling machines allow a synchronized core removal, fettling and shot blasting - without any manual operations.
With an increased production depth we react on the customer demand of outsourced added value. On request we integrate further operations into the fettling line, e. g. fine blasting of the castings, painting , premachining / spotting and documentation on geometrical dimensions.